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UF-SM-1G-S 1G- 2 Pack


Designed for outdoor runs, Ubiquiti’s U Fibre Single-Mode Bi-Directional 1G Module maximises your ability to reuse existing infrastructure. Each module has a single LC connector and as a pair they can increase cable distance to up to 10km.



Bi-Directional modules must be deployed as a pair as the pair uses two different wavelengths – upstream and downstream – on a single fibre. TX Wavelengths are 1270nm on blue and 1330nm on red, whilst the RX Wavelengths are 1330nm on blue and 1270nm on red. This is a pack of 2 modules.

UF-SM-1G-S Key Highlights

  • 1Gbps SFP Data Rate
  • BiDi Model for Infrastructure Reuse
  • Single-Mode

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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