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  • The Ultimate in Speed & Reliability

    Leased lines provide your business with a dedicated fibre connection to the Internet and deliver the ultimate in broadband connectivity. They are not shared or contended with any other network of customers, ensuring you get consistently fast broadband connection all day, every day.

    As well as offering 1:1 contention the speeds are symmetrical, so unlike with ADSL or Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) the upstream and download speeds are the same. This can open up options to use your connections for more applications.

    As well as delivering consistent high-speed connectivity, these lines are with a full-service level agreement. This helps safeguard against the unexpected and ensures swift guaranteed action from our partners. Failure to deliver within service agreements results in compensation being applied.

  • Latest Deals

100Mbs / 100 Mbs

£270Was £350 per Month *
  • Free Installation
  • * Free Cisco Router

1Gbs /1Gbs

£440Was £550 per Month *
  • Free Installation
  • * Free Cisco Router
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Internet connection with blue globe and laptop, vector illustration
  • Fibre leased lines are ideal for clients who:

  • Require high speed Internet connectivity
  • Want a future proof solution
  • Require reliable connections for use with mission critical or sensitive data
  • Have a requirement to transmit large amounts of data over the Internet or inter-site
  • Require broadband connectivity to be supplied with a service level agreement for rapid assistance and guaranteed fix times
  • Feel that traditional broadband connections are not providing the speed or resilience their business demands
  • What we Offer

Speeds / Bandwidth

Unmatchable Speed and Bandwidth
Bearer 1Mbps - 10Gbps By delivering a larger bearer you give yourself room to grow should your bandwidth needs change. We can deliver bearers 2Mbps, 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps.
Bandwidth Scaleable We can deliver a variety of bandwidth solutions to meet your needs. For example, we could deliver a bearer of 100Mbps and commit the bandwidth to 10Mbps initially.
Speed Symmetrical The speeds delivered are the same downstream as they are upstream.
Bandwidth 1:1 Non-Contended The bandwidth supplied is not shared with anyone on the VoIP 55 bandwidth. As such you won't see any fluctuations in speed other than what is being consumed by your workers.


Reasonable Pricing & Flexible
Pricing Varies The price you pay will vary depending on your location and bandwidth requirements. As such it is important you make contact with a member of our team to provide you with a tailored quote.
Contract Length 1, 3 or 5 Years Free installation options are available on longer term contracts. We can provide you with multiple package deals for you to choose from.
SLA 5 Hour Fix In the unlikely event of a failure on your line we will provide on-site assistance, around the clock, with a 5 hour fix aim.
Data Caps Unmetered There are no usage caps or fair usage policies applied to leased lines.

Included As Standard

Static IPv4 Included We can supply a routed block of IPv4 addresses at no additional cost. The size of the allocation must comply with RIPE rules.
Static IPv6 Included As standard we can supply your connection with a /48 allocation offering countless IP addresses for you to use.
Monitoring Included We proactively monitor your connection and will be available around the clock to offer support in the event of failure.
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